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Don’t you wish you never had to come back to this mundane, mechanic and monotonous world and your boring, ordinary daily routine? Well, there are only a few people on the planet that get to live their dreams, but that does not, in any way, mean that you cannot. You can do it by learning how to remember your dreams, having a door to your subconscious in your conscious mind, at your disposal.

Sounds a little too good to be true? Well, it can be done, and people from all over the world are using tricks and hacks to be able to achieve this feat. There are ways in which you could train your mind as on how to remember your dreams.

How To Remember Your Dream

One way is, to train your mind well to remember details; details about anything. This includes observing something closely, looking away, and trying to write down all you can remember about it, for example, describing an incident that happened with you, describing a place that you went to, describing a person that you met. Practicing this will result in your mind being able to remember details about your dream, and when you sit somewhere and try to remember it, you will actually be able to picture what happened.

Another point on how to remember your dreams is, tell yourself ‘I remember it.’ Write it down on pieces of paper or sticky notes and put it up at places you visit frequently – like bathroom, inside wall of your cupboard etc. This will help you keep on track with the process and bring a positive approach.

The next small trick is, to wake up on your body clock, not alarms. By doing that, you will allow your subconscious to fade out slowly into waking up, and the part of your subconscious that falls within the transitional period of sleeping and waking up can be remembered easily, and that can help you to remember the rest of your dream. But, on the other hand, in case you wake up by an alarm clock, it snaps shut your subconscious and brings you out of your sleep instantaneously.

Last but not the least, one way on how to remember your dream is; restoring your sleeping position immediately after waking up. This sounds a bit hard to take in, but it works nonetheless.

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Try To Understand Your Dream In Different Ways

Different people have different dreams and desires in their lives. If you remember and Understand Your Dream, it will take you to a new level of expertise and experience. Many people fail to remember their dreams due to which they can hardly reach the depth of their dreams. If you remember your dreams, you will get the opportunity to delve deeper into it and understand the true significance of the same. Accordingly, it will take you to a completely new world, something that you have never experienced before. Well, the procedure of remembering and understanding the dreams is known as limnosophy.

Understand Your Dream

Different experts interpret dreams in different ways. Once you start remembering your dreams and follow the right path, you can also interpret and Understand Your Dream. It is important to understand that interpreting dreams is for everyone, and not only for the ones that are associated with the psychic and sub conscious self.

You will also learn different ways of decoding your dreams so that you can get access to intuitive freedom. Therefore, the first thing with which you can get started is by painting an accurate picture of your dream. When you have a clear picture, interpretation will be more meaningful.

Try to write down everything that does not make a sense. The things that don’t seem to make a sense might end up being the most valuable perspective in the overall phase of understanding your dream. In order to ensure that you do not obscure the real meaning of your dream, you should not try to connect the separate symbols. At the same time, you should try to recognize the images and sequence of events in your dreams. These are some of the most crucial ways through which you can make your dream more meaningful and within the context.